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Vision + Impact



If I were to describe Luna Zorro in three words, they would be: Beautiful, Ethical, Functional.   

My designs are heavily influenced by my love for interior design and architecture and tend to lean towards a modern and contemporary aesthetic. I draw so much inspiration from living in Guatemala – the richness of color, texture, and pattern – and my goal with Luna Zorro is to create a line of textiles that honor the upmost quality of traditional weaving techniques while being a modern line that can work in a wide variety of homes and spaces. While I love bold colors, my original designs tend to reflect neutral colors and patterns in order to act as a base that can be accented by color. I design all of my pieces with the intention of longevity – I want people to buy Luna Zorro knowing it is of a hand woven quality that will last a lifetime and a design that will work in their home through the years as trends evolve.

This textile business started as a passion project and has developed organically (but also with a lot of hard work) into a successful business. I will give my all to see that Luna Zorro grows into a high-end, culturally rich, lifestyle brand that reflects and encourages travel, creativity, and social responsibility. All the while, every Luna Zorro purchase will directly support the art of traditional weaving while providing reliable, sustainable, fair wages to the artisans of Guatemala. 


I work directly with weaving cooperatives and artisans mostly in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. I met all of the weavers that I work with by involving myself in the community and reaching out to everyone I could regarding my vision for design. Through my collaborations with hardworking artisans, Luna Zorro has come to life in a bigger and more beautiful way than I could have ever imagined. Through building close relationships with the artisans, getting to know their traditions, cultures, homes and families, I’ve established a highly reliable, loyal team of weavers that believe in my vision as much as I believe in their talent. We work in the spirit of mutual respect and we all approach our work with an eagerness to learn and grow together. Luna Zorro needs these creative entrepreneurs as much as they need Luna Zorro - we are a team whose collaborations combine old world weaving traditions with contemporary designs presented in a global marketplace.

We represent a dignified partnership and workplace, always practicing the following philosophies:

- No child labor

- No forced labor

- Fair wages set by the weavers

- Commitment to non-discrimination

- Commitment to gender equality

- Flexible working conditions

The artisans I employ work from their own homes, decide their own hours, and set their own wages. I believe it is up to them to decide the price of their labor and talent, which in my opinion is hardly something that can be measured. It has been my goal from day one to provide reliable work and a consistent income to the weavers I collaborate with. Because of this, I can wholeheartedly tell my clients that their purchases are sustainable and directly impact the artisans who made them.

From all of us at Luna Zorro, we thank you for your encouragement and your support!

With love + thanks,

Molly Berry

CEO + Founder