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Luna Zorro is a culturally rich textile line and lifestyle brand that reflects and encourages travel, creativity, and social responsibility. Every Luna Zorro purchase directly supports an economically sustainable business in which artisans are honored, respected and compensated for their incredible talent and skill.


Through building close relationships with our artisan partners, getting to know their traditions, cultures, homes and families, we’ve established a highly reliable, loyal team of weavers that believe in our collective vision as much as we believe in their talent. Together with our artisan partners, we work in the spirit of mutual respect and we approach our work with an eagerness to learn and grow as a team. Our collaborations combine old world weaving traditions with contemporary designs presented in a global marketplace.

Luna Zorro weavers work from their own homes, decide their own hours, and set their own wages. We represent a dignified partnership and workplace, always practicing the following philosophies:

- No child labor

- No forced labor

- Fair wages set by the weavers

- Commitment to non-discrimination

- Commitment to gender equality

- Flexible working conditions

Strategic and meaningful partnerships with foundations such as Every Mother Counts, Women's Justice Initiative, and The New Denim Project ensures that our reach goes beyond honoring tradition and preserving culture. We design with intention, defending and supporting women's rights and empowerment, as well as making a profound environmental impact using recycled cotton thread as often as possible.

We are thoughtfully building this business one fundamental step at a time and care deeply about the mark we leave on this planet.

It is with the support of our loyal clients that Luna Zorro continues to grow and expand, every day. We sincerely appreciate the continued interest of people like you.

Nicolasa Chiroy, the matriach of our team of weavers.