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Boutique + Open Studio

The Luna Zorro Studio was built in 2019 on Finca La Azotea, a 150 year old coffee farm just north of Antigua. The structural design was a collaborative project between architect Sylvana Irungaray and founder of Luna Zorro, Molly Berry. Luna Zorro Studio The modern building is constructed of steel and glass, with the large sliding doors that open to the natural surroundings. The outdoor kitchen, natural dyes gardens, and cochineal green house, create a oneness with the outdoors that makes for a unique setting in which we honor the craft, ancestry, and art of weaving. The interior space, furniture, and lighting was entirely designed by Molly Berry. Using a combination of sustainable hardwoods from Izabal Agroforest, furniture was made by local carpenters from Carpenters Without Borders. Wall Lighting is made of sustainable Pixi wood sourced from Itza Wood and pendant lamps were made locally, finished with vintage coffee sack material.

The workshop is home to an antique wooden foot loom, urededor, redina and transquiadera. Luna Zorro StudioAll of these tools are used in the process of foot loom weaving, the technique used to create all original Luna Zorro textiles. We have “Open Workshop” days in which visitors can see our partner artisans hard at work, practicing their craft to the public to learn about and celebrate. The adjoining Luna Zorro boutique is a curation of original Luna Zorro textiles complimented with a unique selection of vintage and second-hand Guatemala textiles, as well as a selection of locally made leather products, woven baskets, hand crafted ceramics, and other vintage objets.


When leaving from Antigua, an Uber Or a Tuk Tuk is recommended. From Parque Central you can expect a 10-15 minute drive.
The Uber destination you can request is “Finca La Azotea” or “Azotea Coffee”.
The Physical address is: Calle del Cementerio Final, Zona 3 Jocotenango.
When entering Finca La Azotea you can tell the guard at the Luna Zorro - Location Mapmain gate the you are Visiting Luna Zorro. From there, the driver can enter the farm and rope you in the main parking lot where you will pass through the main reception and follow signs towards Luna Zorro.

Open Hours: Wed - Sat 10 - 3pm Contact: