Luna Zorro Founder

If I were to describe Luna Zorro in three words, they would be Beautiful, Ethical, Inspired.

My work is not just about textiles. My work is about people, about the world on a global scale, about the creative spirit, and about making beautiful things that tell a story. Luna Zorro represents curating and designing our lives to be the genuine and unique life we each are meant to be living.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I moved to Antigua, Guatemala by way of Panama in 2014. I am married to a Guatemalan-American and we have two children, Joaquin Fox and Hazel Moon, who inspired the name of my business (the English-to-Spanish translation of Moon and Fox being “Luna Zorro”). I am a self-taught designer with a love for travel, design, architecture, and culture.

I founded Luna Zorro in 2015 as a way to bring together traditional weaving techniques and modern aesthetics. I partner with Mayan artisans who weave textiles of my own original designs. I also love to incorporate one-of-a-kind vintage textiles into our collections, traditional pieces that I source locally and ethically in Guatemala. I aim to create products that will act as a unique base in any home, transcending popular fads in a world overwhelmed by fast fashion. I want people to understand that when they purchase a Luna Zorro textile, they are investing in a handwoven product of the utmost quality and integrity.Molly Berry - Luna Zorro Founder

Partnering with weavers and artisans, I feel strongly about celebrating and preserving their skills and traditions. I want artisans to maintain weaving traditions while becoming more financially independent and successful entrepreneurs, community members, parents, and storytellers.

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With love + thanks, Molly Berry