• Luna Zorro x El Camino Travel

    In early 2021 I connected with Katalina Mayorga, co-founder of El Camino Travel. She reached out to me to tell me about what she and her team were ...
  • Bucket List Moment : Hiking Acatenango

    On December 1st, eight years to the day after I moved to Antigua, I finally summited Volcan Acatenango. 13 thousand+ feet and worth every, single...
  • Solo Time on Lake Atitlan

    Being solo on Lake Atitlan last week was such a meaningful getaway. An early morning swim there is always a renewal for me. Being surrounded by t...
  • Mexico Road Trip

    It’s adequate to say that it took a pandemic. Packing our bags for our road trip through Mexico, I was an equal combination of terrified and ecstat...
  • Choices About Life Abroad

    Nine years ago this photo was taken, I was five months pregnant with my first child. I found out I was pregnant barely a year after my husband an...
  • Luna Zorro + Condé Nast Traveler

    Oh wow - for Luna Zorro to be mentioned in Condé Nast Traveler, nestled within its pages about the saturated beauty of Guatemala, is an honor beyo...
  • Visual Storytelling · Guatemala · 2019

  • Creative minds : LOOK Magazine · Guatemala · 2019

  • Nature, time & material · Colombia · 2019

  • Creativity of Travel · Lisbon · 2019

    For me, travel brings so much richness and inspiration. My aesthetic senses are heightened because everything is new and different. As a designer and a business owner, I depend on experiencing new environments to evoke ideas and refresh my palette. 

  • J o a n M i r ó · Mallorca · 2019

    A highlight of a recent trip to the gorgeous island of Mallorca, was my visit to the studio workshop of Joan Miró. A homage to his work and career, the studio sits preserved just as he left it (the studio of his dreams), tucked into a lush, arid hillside overlooking the Mediterranean. 
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