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Vintage Textile Market

Posted by Molly Berry on

My love for textiles goes all the way back to my childhood. Growing up as a girl, I was surrounded by vintage collections from around the world: pillows, blankets, napkins, decorative wall hangings, table cloths, and picnic blankets from Mexico, India, Hungary, the Middle East, Guatemala, and the United States. These were textiles that had been carefully and thoughtfully accumulated by my great-grandmother, my grand-mother, my great-aunt and my dear mom. Many of those pieces have been passed down to me and I truly cherish them.

Because of this, textiles are in my blood. I am drawn to them no matter where I am traveling, always on the hunt for a special fabric from that place. Like any piece of art, they reflect a time and place in history, a delicate hand that handled each thread, holding value beyond their years.  I adore having these curated textiles in my home not only because of their beauty and usability, but because of the stories that they tell.

So to honor the women who have come before me, those who have told a story through their hands and who applied their amazing skills to create works of fabric art, I have decided to add a Vintage Market to our SHOP page where we sell vintage pieces that I source ethically and locally here in Guatemala.

While original designs and sustainable income for our artisan partners is, and always will be our business model, I want to share my love for the vintage gems that I discover and curate from my experiences living in Guatemala. This, in turn, also creates a cash flow which enables us to continue creating and producing original artisan woven collections which pair so beautiful with vintage textiles.

That's a win-win, wouldn't you say?

Our curated collections will be updated regularly with unique one-of-a-kind pieces. Be sure to pop by from time to time and see whats new in the shop.

With love and thanks,

Molly Berry

Luna Zorro Founder

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