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How This Antigua House and Airbnb Are Paying Us to Travel

Posted by Molly Berry on

Last year, we wanted to leave Antigua during the busy Easter Week. As beautiful as it is with all the processions and sawdust carpets throughout the cobblestone streets, it's also crazy busy and hard to carry on with everyday life. A friend suggested that we would have a good chance booking our house if we put it up on Airbnb, so we took some simple photos and made ourselves a profile.

Sure enough, within a few days our home was booked for Semana Santa and we instantly had a way to not only subsidize a little trip of our own, but also have some money to spare.

Since last year, we've rented out our house four times. We use special sheets and towels, we lock away all of our personal belongings, leave some fresh fruit and flowers for guests and equip them with a house guide full of maps and local recommendations.

So far, we've had really positive reviews and happy guests. Plus, as someone who loves traveling, I think it's always cool to learn a little bit about where people are coming from and where they're headed, and to know that our home was a little oasis for them in between.

So two weeks ago we were especially happy to hear from one particular traveler coming through town. The very talented Candida Wohlgemuth reached out to me on Instagram and told me she was a photographer for Airbnb and would love to do a piece featuring #thisantiguahouse. We were super excited because a feature can really help draw traffic to our profile which means more bookings. And more bookings means more help with paying a mortgage and a good excuse to travel!

Unfortunately, at the time of her visit, our house was already booked and we were out of town so I didn't get to meet Candida in person, but I made sure to help her coordinate a visit with her friends, get to know the house, and take some shots of our space.

It turns out that Candida and her friends loved their visit and she took all of these awesome shots, some of which will be shared by Airbnb.

If you're interested in booking a stay in our home in Antigua, you can find the link to our profile HERE. And for any of you who may be considering putting your own space up on Airbnb, I highly recommend it.

I mean, It's like getting paid to take a vacation - and who wouldn't want to do that?

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  • A dream! Love this home! Can’t wait to return :)

    Praise on

  • LOVE that house!! Can’t wait to visit again. :)

    Andy on

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