Solo Time on Lake Atitlan

Being solo on Lake Atitlan last week was such a meaningful getaway.

An early morning swim there is always a renewal for me. Being surrounded by that massive, peaceful, ancient landscape reminds me of how relative everything is.

It always helps me recenter.

I stayed at my forever favorite hotel, Anzan Atitlan, owned and managed by my good friends Dita and John. From the interior design to the food to the views, it really is such a beautiful corner of the world.

While in Atitlan, I had time to visit with various artisan partners around the lake and with vintage textile vendors. In between coffees on the dock I worked on my ideas and visions about where and how my business will continue to grow.

Luna Zorro is at such an exciting precipice of growth and change, and I want to lead into this new phase in the most thoughtful way possible.

Running this business is a constant act of building and expanding, gauging intention, impact and development as creatively as possible.

Having the right people by my side through this all, is so valuable.

I am hiring a few new positions at Luna Zorro, in the final stages of interviews, and it's exciting to think about all the great potential of creating and building up this team, putting each person in a role that fulfills and inspires them, to lift us all up.

I can’t wait to see what happens.

As always, thank you for being here and for following along.