Process + Production : The Luna Zorro Casco Collection

We are very excited to release our latest capsule collection of throw pillows and throw blankets.

Affectionately named after "El Casco Viejo" in Panama, the Casco Collection embodies the warm, neutral, earthy colors that we love right now - dust, rose and mustard, emboldened with cream and black.

All designs are original and modern, woven traditionally on foot looms by our Luna Zorro artisan partners.

The process is labor intensive and inspiring, creating a final product that is as beautiful as it is meaningful.

Every product sold means a longer, stronger line of sustainable work for our families of weavers, and that sustainability is not just our business model, it is the heart and soul of Luna Zorro.

To shop the Casco Collection and to add some more textile love to your home, click HERE.