Luna Zorro x El Camino Travel

In early 2021 I connected with Katalina Mayorga, co-founder of El Camino Travel. She reached out to me to tell me about what she and her team were doing and building at ECT - they wanted to see how we could fold Guatemala into their incredible offering of travel destinations. Although it was our first call and the focus was business, Katalina and I immediately bonded as friends over a shared love for living abroad, sustainability, and creating unique travel opportunities for women in particular.

So when we finally had the chance to put together and offer our first ever collaboration "trip drop" to Guatemala, it felt like real kismet. I curated the ideal 4-day trip from Guatemala City to Antigua, including many of my favorite galleries, restaurants, unique spots + shops, artists and makers. Meanwhile, the ECT team worked on logistics, bookings, reservations, and client management.

Together we promoted the trip enthusiastically and in under 72 hours the 14 person trip sold out! 

My love for Guatemala is generally apparent to anyone who knows me, but in the case of leading a group of 14 amazingly fun, open-minded, adventurous people, I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Their love and wonder for all that Guatemala has to offer grew with every passing day. They embraced their experience with open arms and were nothing short of amazed by the things/places/people that make Guatemala such a special country.

From the arts district of Zone 4 to an unparalleled dining experience with Diaca, a visit to the private home of Cecilia Diaz and a vintage textile museum followed by the worlds best tostadas, an other-worldly botanical garden to volcano rimmed horizons, a plant dyes workshop and open fire brunch at Luna Zorro, topped off with a cocktail party at my home, made for a trip for the record books. Everyone left enamored and ready to return to Guatemala as soon as possible.

Sharing my creative experience living abroad, through social media, is something I find true joy in - but it's when I can include friends, family, and strangers who become community, that I truly feel it is all so worthwhile.

I'm grateful to have this opportunity to share Guatemala and hope that you'll all have the chance to join the adventure with me one day, too.

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