Luna Zorro Founder, Molly Berry + Conscious Chatter Podcast

I was recently invited to be a guest on the podcast Conscious Chatter with Kestrel Jenkins, founder of AWEAR World. Kestrel's show is a fantastic resource for all those who want to be more informed consumers. Her thought provoking episodes pack a punch, revolving around fashion, style, and sustainability. From designers and entrepreneurs to farmers and factory workers, her guests all have a place in the global garment supply chain.

In our conversation, I go into how I have navigated my life after college as a creative person who was always hesitant to go down "traditional" paths, how I managed to piece together a lifestyle that worked for me both financially and creatively, and how I ultimately discovered the world of artisan-made textiles to started Luna Zorro.

We go on to discuss the global artisan market (a $34 billion estimated worth) and how larger companies should begin to take note of the global talent in this sector. We chat about how my aesthetics, photography and styling play into what I do and why that's important for selling artisan products.

I invite you to take a listen! Kestrel, thank you for having me on Conscious Chatter. It was an honor to share my story.

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