Female Social Entrepreneurs in Antigua, Guatemala + LIVE Facebook Event

When building a business, every week is different. Some weeks, we get to really dive into the creative side of designing and weaving. Some weeks we are shuffling a lot of papers with a little too much (but necessary) screen time. Other weeks, like this one, we are delightfully inspired by the energy of Antigua and all the creativity flourishing here.

Yesterday, I (Luna Zorro founder, Molly Berry) joined forces with three other female social entrepreneurs based in Antigua: Jess Bercovici of Stela 9, Mari Gray of Kawkaw Designs, and Britini Port of Uxibal. These hot-shot business women have, like me, built their businesses around working with local artisans.

We gathered together with our buddies (and shipping/logistics gurus) over at UTZ to film a LIVE event on Facebook. The goal was to share our experiences working in Guatemala through an open conversation, driven and guided by questions from viewers. The feedback was incredible, with a current total of 100 audience questions, 22 shares, and 5.5 thousand views.

To be surrounded by so many good people doing great things, all the while supporting one another to succeed, is invaluable to any entrepreneur. Right down to finishing the night with celebratory tacos and margaritas all together, the experience was proof positive that this type of business is ultimately about the human connection. It is how we set our intentions and follow through that truly matters - the rest is just about the details that come together with enough courage and dedication.
The most important step is knowing that we are all capable of meaningful and fulfilling work while pursuing our dreams.

From all of us at Luna Zorro, thank you for being here!

Molly Berry

To view this LIVE Facebook conversation (and our first of more episodes) follow this LINK.