Defining Moments that Make Entrepreneurship Worthwhile

Not long ago, Luna Zorro experienced a defining moment.

Auberge Resort Collections contacted me, interested in purchasing custom robes for their Los Cabos property. I knew that a major opportunity was on the horizon. It was exactly the kind of client and order size that I'd been preparing for and working towards: a very large, custom order for a luxury hotel.

This was my chance to prove what Luna Zorro could do.

I started by designing and sending samples customized specifically for the Auberge project. I rallied my weavers and we crunched numbers. I researched everything from shipping to manufacturing at a volume I'd never dealt with before, in order to truly maximize our time and resources to be most efficient while retaining our highest quality.

Once we negotiated pricing, product details, and production timelines, Luna Zorro received a purchase order from Auberge for 950 handwoven robes. Our time had come!

And that's when the real work began.

Over the course of the next eight weeks, the Luna Zorro team worked and weaved harder than ever before. 5,600 yards of handwoven fabric to be exact. Close to one ton in weight. Each thread meticulously spun, woven, cut and sewn.

(my daughter Hazel hard at work :)

Every week I drove 8+ hours around the highlands to collect new woven fabric to deliver to the sewing cooperative. We inspected every last inch of our work. We printed special Auberge + Luna Zorro collaboration labels and proudly displayed them on each robe. We pressed and folded and packaged with care.

It was, to date, the biggest learning experience of my career. An experience that ultimately included so many more defining moments than just landing a contract.

A moment of relief when, at last, I was able to close that shipping truck door knowing full well that we'd done our best.

A moment of empowerment when I could sign a check to each of the weavers for every ounce of their work, paying them more than they'd ever earned in their life.

A moment of pride when I received extremely positive reviews from Auberge not only for the quality of the final product but also for how well we executed our production timeline. Plus their clients were raving about the robes in each room. Win!

A moment of joy when the weavers and my family and I celebrated our finished project, with cake and juice, in the courtyard of their small adobe home.

(my son Joaquin with Delia, learning to weave)

Joaquin and the boys enjoying some cake.

A moment of inspiration when I realized that what we had accomplished could be repeated time and time again.

These are the powerful, defining moments that make this whole wild ride of entrepreneurship, totally worthwhile.