Luna Zorro Pop Up Shop in NYC : The Creative Pursuit of Happiness

The last time I was in New York City was in June of 2011. Life was barreling down a much different path and I could not have guessed then how much things would change and evolve over the years. There was not a hint of Luna Zorro on the horizon, no inkling that one day I would partner with Guatemalan artisans or launch my own textile line. But what did lie right beneath the surface, was my desire to follow a path that felt right and inspired and fulfilling.


Next week, I'll fly back to the States for New York Textile Month. I was invited (along with a small group of Central American and Middle Eastern artists) to showcase my original textiles in a curated Pop-Up Shop known as Casa Beyt Home. Not only did I jump at the invitation to have my work featured alongside so many exceptional designers, but the thought of returning to the city after all these years felt like perfect timing for me, dare I say it, spiritually.

As I finish the last touches of my collection and begin to pack my bags, I'm moved to pause and recognize how far I've come not only in my personal life, but in my professional endeavors since those days in back in 2011. Since then, I've zig-zagged along a path with my instincts and creative spirit leading the way, time and again weeding out the financial or social pressures that would have otherwise led me in a much different direction. But it hasn't always been easy or obvious.

In this age of social media it's so easy to compare ourselves to others, to sometimes feel as if we don't measure up, that we're less creative or not as lucky or that we could/should always be doing more, better. I certainly do.

But it's always after a day of working with the weavers who teach me to be resourceful and resilient, or after receiving a heartfelt email from a client, or hearing my son proudly boast about how his mama makes "ssthextiles", that I quickly reevaluate what I'm doing all of this for. And it leads me to think how rarely we, as a society, actually stop to make space for reflection and give credit to the things we HAVE accomplished. Time to honor the goals we are brave enough to set, recognition of the dreams we are actively chasing, and acknowledgment of the people who may support us in those efforts.

So, as I hit the road for the Big Apple to represent Luna Zorro and the many artisans I partner with, I do so with such gratitude. Gratitude for the people reading this. Gratitude for each and every purchase and referral. Gratitude for my family and friends near and far that always keep me going. Gratitude that I am able to call this creative adventure my work. And most of all, gratitude that we each have our own path, our own timing, our own hustle and our own highlights.

Going to New York, come what may, is already a highlight. Each handmade textile I bring with me tells a combined story of good people, doing incredible things, in their authentic pursuit of happiness; every piece a reflection of the human spirit and the desire to follow the individual paths we are each meant to be living.

I invite you to join us and hope to see you there.

CASA BEYT HOME : A POP UP SHOP : Sept 19-24, 11-8pm, 171 Elizabeth St. New York