textile love child

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Instagram. I do. It drives me slightly crazy that I’m such a social media nerd when it comes to Instagram, but man, it’s opened so many cool doors into worlds I would otherwise never have known about. As a small business owner and designer, Instagram is a platform for me to put my creations out into the world for feedback and exposure, a place to see and know like-minded artists, a sounding board for ideas, a pool of creativity, and a streaming wealth of inspiration.

One of the most exciting things to date in my affair with Instagram, has been the start of a new account. My regular/personal/business feed is luna_zorro and seeing as I design textiles, I started a hashtag  #ihavethisthingwithtextiles as a way to share my work.  A friend and stylist out of Texas, Paige Morse, who also “has a thing with textiles” wholeheartedly jumped on the band wagon when I suggested the idea to her, and together, we created what we affectionately call our “textile lovechild”. Our new feed @ihavethisthingwithtextiles is a collaborative project and a place to bring together artists, designers, stylists, decorators, travelers, and general lovers of textiles into one, big, beautiful place.

The Dallas Morning News found our textile venture so interesting they even referred to it as a “textile movement” which you can read about here. Most of all, Paige and I are just so excited to be creating a communal space where people can share their work, their inspiration, their ideas of beauty, as well as curating a space rich in culture, history, heritage, texture and color.

If you’re an Instagram user, please swing by our new feed and give a follow – I promise it won’t be anything short of pretty.